Land for sale at Rana e Hedhun – Land for Sale – 4500 m²

Albania Property Group has a beautiful piece of frontline land in the Lezha City in an area called: “Rana e Hedhun”.

270.000 €

Land for Sale in Shëngjin – 4500 m²

This beautiful piece of land is located among the pine trees approx 70 Km north of capital city Tirana, and 40 Km from the border with Montenegro. This is a front line plot, next to the sand. The area is called “Rana e Hedhun” and is famous for its dunes of sand that in some places is as high as 10 meters at the bottom of Rrenci Mountain. The coast of “Rana e Hedhun” which still is a virgin coastal area stretches along the northern coast for approx 8 Km. On the back of the plot rises a very steep rocky massive which overlooks the whole beach below. This plot offers perfect conditions to put a small resort next to the sea.

The territory of the region of Lezha has a surface of approximately 1588.4 km2 and is composed of mountainous territory in the east and lowlands in the west. The territory is 65% mountainous and 37% field-like.

The Region of Lezha has a coastal surface of 11000 hectares along a coastline that is 38 km long and 3km wide stretching from Rana e Hedhun in the North to the Cape of Rodon in the South. Along the coastal line, there is an abundance of points that may be transformed into tourist villages and tourist ports. This same geographical area is filled with natural beauty and a variety of flora and fauna.

The geographical position of the region of Lezha is very favorable and is located in the center of several transportation arteries, serving as a linking poitnt for the noth-south and east-west movement. Located in the midst of the land and water resources, the region has riversand streams, water reserves, mountains and hills, which create high levels of biodiversity. The relief in this region presents an emphatic contrast alternating between the sea, fields and mountains, which are in close proximity.

Size   – 4,500 m2 with full certificate of ownership
Price – 60 Euro/m2


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